Stuff Happens

Stuff happens. Life has its unexpected occurrences. I call them tweaks. We get sick, or someone near to us gets sick. One may go to the doctor for a check up and their tests come back not as expected. One travels to the grocery store and gets in an accident. We get sidetracked and do wrong and that can lead to other unpleasant stuff in our lives. For a time, we may lose our sense of well being and security.

On Friday, one of my boss’ best of friends, while performing his daily bike ride, so concentrating on his ride, ran head on into a parked delivery truck. He is, at present (for we know we serve a God who can change things) paralyzed. He is 56. My boss asked me to pray. I did. I am. I asked him to pray, too.

On Thursday afternoon, in broad daylight, one of our neighbors had her door kicked in, and she was robbed. Thanks to God, she wasn’t home. She is 83. You know what her response was? It wasn’t fear. It wasn’t anger. Her response was, “I’m not going to let stuff like that bother me. I’m not going to be around here much longer anyway.” Her response made me think. 

Fear is not of God. I think, sometimes, He allows those unexpected occurrences, faith-fear-teenthose tweaks, for us to take notice, to put us in check so that we can remember Him, so that we can call out to Him. (I am  reminded of the story of Job.) He wants us to need Him. What good Father does not want his children to come to him when they are in need? There are those who go along in life and truly believe that all that they have accomplished rests solely on their efforts. When stuff happens, especially major stuff, when their sense of control is shaken or shattered, when they become afraid, I can almost guarantee they remember God and loudly cry out to Him. The Word says many times to not be afraid. Read Joshua 10:25, Isaiah 41: 10, Deuteronomy 31:6 and Joshua 1:9


Father, I know all that I have comes from You. I know that no matter what happens You are by side. I know that my safety, my well being and my peace of mind rests in You. I know that what time I fear, I shall trust in You for what can mere mortal man do to me? By faith, I am protected. By the Blood of Christ Jesus, I pray. Amen.

Submitted via email distribution on June 09, 2008.

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