Movie Review

Movies at the theaters are a forever changing market. I recently heard, or read, somewhere that what was once rated ‘R’ is now being considered to be ‘PG13’ viewing.

This past weekend while visiting with my kids and their friends, and children, the topic changed to what’s playing at the movies. The guys had their share of conversation regarding the next upcoming ‘guy’ flick (sorry, I can’t recall the name of that movie, nor the names of the many movies they chatted about). moviesOne friend remarked as to how he was thinking of taking the work day off to see (again, my apologies) the upcoming ‘guy’ flick. I found that interesting. A movie worth taking the day off to see…hmmm…what a movie it must be!

The chatter changed to what children are watching and what parents/aunts/uncles are taking kids to see. I chimed in saying that ‘children’ animated movies have a subtle message to them that we do not open our eyes to see. Continue reading →