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Movies at the theaters are a forever changing market. I recently heard, or read, somewhere that what was once rated ‘R’ is now being considered to be ‘PG13’ viewing.

This past weekend while visiting with my kids and their friends, and children, the topic changed to what’s playing at the movies. The guys had their share of conversation regarding the next upcoming ‘guy’ flick (sorry, I can’t recall the name of that movie, nor the names of the many movies they chatted about). moviesOne friend remarked as to how he was thinking of taking the work day off to see (again, my apologies) the upcoming ‘guy’ flick. I found that interesting. A movie worth taking the day off to see…hmmm…what a movie it must be!

The chatter changed to what children are watching and what parents/aunts/uncles are taking kids to see. I chimed in saying that ‘children’ animated movies have a subtle message to them that we do not open our eyes to see. Some of the children’s animated movies, even TV series really have adult sub themes, and it is the parent’s responsibility to view these movies/TV series before they allow their children to sit and watch. Pastor Joseph Prince remarked, on occassion that he personally goes to see the movie before he let his (at that time) young daughter go to the theater. How many parents do that today? What steps do you take to police what your children see at the theater. One cannot judge content strictly by the movie rating.

The point is … every time we watch something, every time we hear something we take something from it. Do not fool yourselves into thinking it is just a movie; it is just a word. The thing is, unless you talk to your kids, you really don’t know what they are taking into their spirit from what they read, what they see, and let’s face it, movies are not all what they shape up to be. Even the ‘scriptural’ movies often do not follow scripture, but one would not know that unless one reads their Bible and knows the truth of scripture.

Bottom line; be conscious of what you or your children take in when you go to the movies. To help you, especially parents, please take some time to view this link (Focus on the Family – Movie Review). Focus on the Family watches the movie for you and gives an excellent Christian based review.

As always may the Spirit of God rest upon you this day and give you wisdom, understanding and discernment! Blessings!

prayFather, may our eyes and our ears always be open to hear and to see your truth and not what the devil and the world would have us to believe. Let us always be conscious and knowing of your truth versus the devil’s truth. In Jesus name, we so pray. Amen.

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