The Left Shark

Blessings! I know everyone who is a football fan watched the 2015 Super Bowl game. What a game! My team lost, but interestingly enough, Katy Perry’s left shark got just as much media attention as the game!

Katy Perry's Left Shark
Katy Perry’s Left Shark

As I replayed the halftime show, I had a really good laugh as I watched the left shark a little off in its choreography (YouTube video of Katy Perry’s 2015 SuperBowl performance) Don’t you feel like that sometime? Everyone is doing their part in all the organized chaos, and you’re, well trying to keep up, but somehow you’re not in tune, you’re missing the beat, forgot some of the steps and it just doesn’t seem to fit. You’re a little lost, but you keep going, knowing that it will soon be over for it all serves a greater purpose. You take it all in stride, knowing that your missteps flow into a picture already painted and in the end everything comes together.


Father, what a joy it is to laugh about some of the things we do and we see in life. Sometimes, I think we take life too seriously and I know you have a sense of humor for I have seen it in the mprayanner in which you sometimes answer my prayers. Thank you for laughter and the ability to sometimes not take ourselves, nor our present situations too seriously. Thank you for life, for great memories and for the joys you allow us to have. In Jesus name we pray. Amen!

Initially submitted via T & P email distribution on Monday, February 2, 2015.

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