God is Faithful

Hello all! May God’s favor be bestowed upon you and yours and may all your prayers be answered in accordance to God’s will for your lives! Amen!


Having gone through some stuff, with a word of encouragement, my sister-in-law sent me a text message with just those three words … God is Faithful – and I recall thinking hmmm and repeating the words to myself… God    is      Faithful.  I was in awe of those words. I’d heard those words before. I’d seen those words time and time again in scripture, but with her text, those words took on new meaning.


What does that mean – God is Faithful? This time, I understood; I accepted what it truly means. It was like I felt them for the first time and for the first time I had personal revelation as to what it meant. I KNEW in my heart  that God is faithful, but I had to go through something to grasp and appreciate the full meaning of God is Faithful. His Word is so true, we just have to hold on to it.

Our God is faithful:  He is mighty to save; He is the great I am; He is all that you need; He is our healer – He is my healer. He is all that His Word says He is – and we are all that the Word of God says we are:  We are His beloved; we are upheld in the righteousness of his right hand.

Grab hold of the faithfulness of God! Grab hold of His promises! God is faithful! He is with us; He will not forsake us; He is our deliverer, redeemer, sanctifier … He is our Truth.


1prayerMay our God who is faithful, guide you, protect you from all harm and keep you. May you taste the Lord and see that He is good! May His grace and Shalom be multiplied unto you and yours as you grow in the goodness and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. May your heart be guided daily into God’s love and Christ perseverance. In Jesus name we pray! Amen!

Initially submitted via email distribution on August 8, 2012.

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