His Hand on You

Spring is in the air and I absolutely bask in this time of year. The fragrant smell of spring on a clear (without the checker boarding of the ‘now-too-often-seen’ chem trails), breezy day is so refreshing. The best part is hearing the birds singing away:  the cardinals (their presence always gives me hope) whistling, the mocking birds mimicking their neighbors, the woodpecker, well, pecking. It is amazing how they just chatter all the daylong in what I describe as utter perfect praise! Their ‘voices’ are so encouraging for me.

spring4Another thing I like about this time of year is the sound of lawn mowers. That is such a cool sound for me. Ahhh, and the smell of fresh cut grass … I can offer no words describing its fragrance!

Everything about spring effortlessly brings a smile upon my face. The birds, flowers, breezes, storms, clear blue skies and butterflies – they offer, to me, comfort and reassurance that all is well. I see the effects of the wind and I am reminded that just as I don’t see God, I see the effects of His actions in my life – His faithfulness; His goodness; His answering of so many of my prayers; His hands upon me and mine.In admiring the precision beauty in a budding flower, I am reminded that I, too, am wonderfully and beautifully made.  With butterflies roaming to and fro, I call to mind that I also have a journey with twists and turns, and unlimited possibilities of traveling to places unknown. Visions of the vine grower pruning his grapevines for greater, stronger growth come to mind with the sound of lawn mowers. The out pouring of rain brings about thoughts of cleansing and nurturing, and just as the earth yearns for water, I equally thirst with an expectation of being filled – of having all my needs met and the cleansing of my heart and renewing of my spirit. Being in the audience of the concert hall of birds (I am particularly fond of the cardinal) I recognize that I, likewise, must praise God and be filled with such great joy.

As I see the work of His hands on/in the flowers, the birds, the grass, the wind, the architecture of nature, He continues His work on/in me. Just as 1 Corinthians 3:6 reads ‘I planted, Apollos watered, but God was causing the growth’ I reflect this too is how it is with me. In my garden, called life, someone (‘I planted’) laid a foundation for me to hear the Good News of the Gospel of Christ, and that foundation was built upon by my studying (‘Apollos watered’) the Bible, but God allowed me to receive and understand (’God caused the growth’) what was being presented to me and my measure of faith grew to a greater level of trust. Just as it is written in James 1:17 every good and perfect gift comes from him and spring in all its colors, fragrances and sounds is indeed one of those good and perfect gifts!

Be open to all that God has for you!




Father, forget not the work you have begun in me. Let the tapestry of my life reflect you. In all that I see, may I always see you. Show me your way. Teach me. Order my steps according to your word. In Jesus name, I so pray.

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