The Grace to Let Others Be

Happy Weekend to you and yours! I am still praying for rain for a good number of lakes and rivers in Texas are less than half full. Please continue to pray with me for rain.

I must say that this T&P is more for me than anyone. My most recent prayer has been for God to change me for I have been convicted of needing some modifications in my being. Friday morning, after praying, I opened up Charles ‘Chuck’ Swindoll’s book “The Grace Awakening” and found myself reading Chapter 8 “The Grace to Let Others Be”. As I read, I had to laugh because my God is faithful, (He always gives me what I need) I just didn’t think He would speak so directly to me, so quickly. Here is a summary of the reading:

Attitudes worth changing:

  • To Control – results in manipulating and intimidating others
  • To Compare ourselves with others – leads us to criticize or compete with them

Biblical principles that Magnify Grace:

  • Accepting others is basic to letting them be. (How often do we restrict our love by making it conditional?)
  • Refusing to dictate to others allows the Lord freedom to direct their lives. (Give people room to make up their minds.)
  • Freeing others means we never assume a position we’re not qualified to fill. (Stop the judging and don’t put a stumbling block in the way.)
  • Loving others requires us to express our liberty wisely. Let love rule according to what pleases God because we answer to him.)

 Actions that Signify Grace:

  • Concentrate on things that encourage peace and assist others’ growth.
  • Remember that sabotaging saints hurts the work of God.
  • Exercise your liberty only with those who can enjoy it with you.
  • Determine where you stand and refuse to play God in anyone else’s life.


prayFather, change starts first within us. We often want to change others, but fail to see or realize that the change does not need to be in others, but in us. Thank you for allowing us to see that we can become better persons, better Christians and we need not do it alone for you are there to guide us and convict us in those areas that we need to change. Someone told me recently that people cannot change, but I recall what you did in Paul’s life and that was indeed a transformation. So, Father into your hands I surrender me; my every word, my every thought, deed and action. Change me. Fix me and guide me into being whom you desire me to be. Release all that is in me that is not of you and allow me to know the difference so that the grace within me is awakened to its fullest. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

This was initially submitted via email distribution on Saturday, June 21, 2014.

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