He opened not His mouth

thornsThis week I re-watched “The Passion of The Christ“. It was almost unbearable to watch Jesus’ constant beating. Can you imagine carrying a cross, wearing a crown of thorns, your face draped in blood and suffering the way Jesus did? I cannot fathom what must have been indescribable, excruciating pain – having something wicked rake your flesh down to the bone time and time again. Can you imagine yourself in that suffering, being spit on, mocked and betrayed by one you loved when you have committed no crime, done no wrong? Can you imagine having to go through all that and not utter a word? To endure torture to save the souls of people unknown to you and to acquiesce to such treatment – could you do what Jesus did?

Jesus died for me. Jesus died for you.

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Render Unto Ceasar

This T & P was initially submitted via email distribution on November 3, 2014, but its message rings true today especially with our Presidential election looming near along with the confusion that journeys with it. I stand with the many other Americans who have not yet decided for whom they will vote.


go-voteNational Voting is tomorrow. Please exercise your right to vote. If freedom is/was worth fighting for, is not voting the duty we have to keep freedom alive? We live in a precarious time where our ‘freedoms’ are being threatened daily.

The issue regarding 5 Houston pastors being subpoenaed for “all speeches, presentations, or sermons related to HERO, the Petition, Mayor Anise Parker, homosexuality, or gender identity prepared by, delivered by, revised by, or approved by you or in your possession” is garnering national attention. Continue reading →