Dear Jesus

Dear Jesus,

Today is your birthday and I have pondered what to give you, but what do you give someone who has everything and really doesn’t need anything? On the day you were born, I recall you were given gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh by the Magi, the Wise men from the East. They came to honor you as you lay in a manger, a little bitty thang, all wrapped up in swaddling clothes. Who, but your Father, knew that you would grow up to be such a humble, loving and honorable man? Not even your mother knew the height and the depth of your love! How special you were; how special you continue to be all these years later. I know your Father is proud of you. You are such an obedient son and in your lifetime, You have given so much.

Jesus, I, like the little drummer boy, have no fine gifts to bring, none fit to give you. But, Your Word in Psalm 51:16 says “you do not delight in sacrifice, but that the sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart.” So, Jesus, I give to you the perfect birthday gift, the gift you always request: I give to you my broken spirit, my broken and contrite heart.

I also want to thank you, but saying thank you never seems to be enough. Jesus, all that you do for me and mine, how can I thank you for all that? The list is so long, and every day, just like Your word says “you fail me not.” I know you like praises, and I wish I could sing, but my kids say I am tone deaf (but, LOL, you already know that cause you have heard me singing), but I can give you what I have from my broken heart. Like the little drummer boy, I can play my drum for you: I can lift my voice in praise, rejoice in your birth and in the fact that even today You remain with me. You are closer to me than a brother, and even though you know me more than anyone, faults and flaws, You continue to love me – unconditionally. Even after 2,000+ years You live on! How cool is that? I am so happy that you chose me!

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

With all my love, on this your day!


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