Battle Ready Prayer

Recently, I was on the internet looking for an audio version for confessions of faith; something that I could listen to and hear the word of God being spoken in prayer fashion. I came across Battle Ready Prayer and started listening to the prayer titled Battle Ready Prayer and I was so blessed; I am being blessed. This almost 17 minute audio prayer covers just about every aspect of life with its foundation being the word of God. It is written that God’s word does not return void, and so I believe that the more we listen, the more we take in, for does not God’s word say that faith cometh by hearing. While listening, I am encouraged, strengthened with a renewed sense of hope: I feel a seed taking root, growing, and I await the blossoming of greater faith.

The speaker is Aaron Hopson and his voice has a calming effect and his spoken words are comforting. The music, orchestrated by his friend Joel McNair “Jhosta”, ties it all together to create something powerful. I pray you at least listen to the prayers at least once. I pray you are blessed, as was I. Battle Ready Prayer is also in book form, and can be purchased at Amazon. As I am fond of saying, “Be open to all that God (in Christ) has for you.” Try listening to Battle Ready Prayer, you will be blessed! CDs can actually be obtained, at no cost, from the website. Those of you who are thirsty shall drink from an overflowing fountain. God has a plan for our lives and he wants us to grow closer to him. How else is that to be done except through prayer, and faith. Let us aim for God’s best for it is not written that He withholds no good thing from us?


From Battle Ready Prayer:

“Praise be to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the Holy One of Israel, Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. … My hopes and dreams can manifest today and I approach this moment with great expectation for miracles breakthrough and deliverance. I stand before you, Lord, naked, offering no excuses or justifications for my shortcomings and weaknesses. … Forgive every thought, deed, act, motive or intent of my heart that doesn’t line up with your word, your will and your purpose for my life. … I thank you Lord that you love me and you hear me. I thank you Lord, for a mind to share intimate fellowship with you. I thank you that these words shall be established in my heart and mind, that they shall be a part of me and guide and direct my paths at all time. … Amen.”


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