At the Dentist

Ugh, going to the dentist is an absolute terror for me. I hate needles and blood and what’s interesting is that at one point in my life ’twas my dream to work as an anesthetist. Whenever I visit the dentist, I pray while lying on the dentist chair; I speak scriptures; I listen to sermons – anything Godly that takes my mind off those needles, the pressure and those scary dental tools!

This last dental visit, although pretty much the same as previous visits, God spoke to me. He said, “This is what surrendering to me is like.” I pondered surrendering my entire being to God (in Christ) who created me, who sustains me, who provides for me.

How does being in a dentist chair compare to surrendering to Him? When the dentist says turn left, I turn left; turn right, I turn right; move your head just a little, and so I move it, just a little, or when the dentist gently takes my head and turns it in the direction she needs – I go with the movement of her hand – I humbly succumb to the gentleness of her touch, the sound of her voice. “Are you ok?” I shake my head “yes” even though I am sure my eyes show terror.

When my mouth is full of stuff, her assistant puts in the suction, or I can lift a finger and the assistant knows what I need and again, in comes the suction. Yesterday, I raised my trembling finger and the dentist instinctively knew something “was up” and stopped her prodding into the crevices of my tooth, and gently touching my shoulder asked me “You ok? Talk to me… Are you hurting? Are you in pain?” And I talked to her. I told her what I was feeling and she comfortingly responded saying, “Sure there is pressure, but do you feel pain? If there is no pain, let us go on till we are finished with this portion of the procedure. You’re doing good.” At one point, she lovingly patted my face (with what felt like a cotton ball) as I am quite sure she saw the stress tears rolling down the corner of my eyes.

Is that not like God? Like the dentist, He talks to us. Tells us to turn to the left or the right. He asks if we are ok. Some pain, yeah sure, but I will see you through it. Give it to me and let’s move on for pain endureth for a night but joy cometh in the morning! We shall be out of the valley soon. Be still and let me do what I have to do. You pay attention and listen to my voice and I will lessen your anxiety. As one would surrender one’s self to the total control of the dentist, let us consider total surrender of ourselves to God (in Christ Jesus). Blessings!


Father, sometimes I feel like surrendering to you is too much. I feel like I can handle everything that comes my way, and then there are times when just the daily stuff gets to be a little much. I have a hard time surrendering my all to you, to take everything to you, every decision, every hurt and pain, every conflict.

I often put aside the fact that you want me to come to you, to talk to you, to tell you what’s going on with me and mine. You want me to walk with you just as Enoch did, to trust you as Abraham did, to listen to your voice as Samuel did and to call on you in every situation just as David did. You tell me, that in Christ, all things are possible and that there is nothing too hard for you.

I know you want what’s best for me, after all you who created me, beautifully and wonderfully inside my mother’s womb, already have a plan for my life. So, Father, teach me to surrender, to truly acknowledge all things to you and let you guide me through it all. In Jesus, sweet name, I so pray. Amen.

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