Lord, you are my everything.

When I am discouraged, I turn to you. You are so mighty. You are wise beyond measure; you alone are wisdom. Father, why should I worry or experience anxiety when I have you, when I can turn to you and you are there for me? I will adore you; I will delight in your word. Why … for you are holy. You are the great I am, and I am as you are.  At the mention of your name, Jesus, your name is power. Holy. I sing praises to the King of Kings.

Father, my heart goes out to the suffering; no matter what the suffering is … a lost home, dying loved ones, identity loss because we live through our jobs, family separation and discord, those who are weary of being weary. But, I am reminded that you are Hope: my God, my Hope. I see the blue sky and clouds that look like cotton, and I remember the beauty in the storm that only you bring about.  I recall the rainbows after the storms and I hear the mockingbird, gladly singing its song and the locust bragging at sunset. I see the beauty in the bud of a flower and I smell its fragrance! I recall the sound of my grandchildren being born and I am reminded once again to be still:  to be still and wait on the Lord. To be still; to be patient; to always have hope and to always pray and talk to God, my heavenly Father for you are the Almighty, the Creator of all things. You are the giver of all good things for every good and perfect gift comes from you. You rejoice in me for I am yours. I am indeed, just as John, I am your beloved.

How I can I thank you Lord for being who you are?  How can I thank you for revealing yourself to me? I stand before you naked, broken, seeking your hand, your face. Do not forget that which you have started in me. I know you will see me to completion. Father, reveal yourself to those that do not ask, individuals, people, nations; move in a mighty mighty way.



Father, I should be amiss if I should say I do not need you, for I do. Father, I just need to feel you today. Moisten my dry bones. Let your grace fall fresh on me this day! In Jesus name, I pray. Amen



This T & P was initially submitted on August 30, 2012 via email distribution.

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