What Happened to the Abundance?

Hello all. It is a rainy day here in Houston, Texas. Thank God for the rain. We truly need it.

I have been listening to a series from White Dove Fellowship Church in Harvey, LA, (pastor, Mike Mille (me lay)) dealing with being blessed conscious as Christians. The Bible has many, many promises for us as believers in Christ Jesus. Some say over 7,000 promises are for us in Scripture.

As I listened, and re-listened, to Mille’s sermons with titles such as “Be Blessed Conscious”, Do it Now”, “Let it Go Now” and “Significant”, I got to thinking about the abundance of life as a Christian, specifically the supernatural abundance. Christ says He came so that we might have life and have it abundantly. 

My life’s theme for a few years has been “Be open 2 all that God (in Christ) has 4 you!”, which coincides with Mille’s teaching series. Let me give you a little testimony as it relates to this ‘T & P’ posting.

I got laid off from work on March 31, 2016. My youngest daughter and I were estranged (it was truly so much more than that) and I had been praying for a little over two years for a break through. In desperation, I stood on Jeremiah 31: 15-17 , but I knew with all my being that God (in Christ) is truly faithful and in time, my prayer, my cry, my moanings would be heard, and answered. I just needed to be patient, and faithful, in my belief that God would return my child back to me from the land of the enemy.  He did.

My daughter was in her 9th month of what could only be deemed a ‘terribly uncomfortable’ pregnancy, so one Sunday, my heart spoke to me and suggested to me that I drive over to my daughter’s home and surrender. Her husband had attempted an intervention some months before, but it was not yet time and that particular attempt did not go well. This time my heavenly Father was in control and the door to reconciliation opened.  She was about 3 weeks from delivery. I’m not gonna say it was easy: Far from it. Many times I thought, “Lord, you brought me back to this, to this abuse?” She hadn’t forgiven me and she was bitter, angry, hurting and broken, but she didn’t know that for Jesus was not an active part of their lives. I had forgiven her years ago for all those special, never to be lived again, memories I was not allowed to have. She needed help, so while I was unemployed, I drove to their home, on the other side of creation, every day, to organize the abundance of gifts and baby stuff they had been so blessed to receive for my newest grandson, their first born. I took her hurt, her pain, her brokenness and absorbed it all those first 3 weeks. It was hard, but when I was weak, God was truly my strength.

Here is the part about abundance; about God giving us abundance in what we pray. I had so much taken away from me those 2+ years: I missed the surprise engagement party, the beautiful, awesome wedding that my family and friends attended where she sang to her beloved, the many bridal showers, the baby announcement, the baby showers…I missed them all, but God says I will restore unto you all that the locust has eaten.

On April 18, 2016, Houston experienced a catastrophic flood with continued rain in the forecast. Where my daughter lives it floods, so on April 19, we decided it was best she come over to our house. It had been over two years since she had been ‘home’.  She wasn’t looking good so I suggested we go to the hospital; we got there at 5 pm, she had an emergency C-section around 9 pm. Here is God’s faithfulness, His answered prayer, His abundance:  You see, I knew God was going to answer my prayer and bring my child back to me, but I never expected to see my grandson being born, but I was at the hospital in the prep area, hey God, I drove her to the hospital; I was at her side the entire time.  I was one of the first to see him brought in the baby room and washed by the nurse.  I was one of the first to hold him and love him unconditionally, and I never thought I would be a part of that. I never thought I would be at home the first day he came home. Nor did I ever think that when his mom returned to the hospital for other issues that for two days it was just us, bonding in a way I never thought could happen. That is abundance.

‘Tee Pooh’ is almost 14 months old now and God is still dishing out abundance. I’m still not working; I actually turned down a position of employment in June 2016 to continue helping my daughter after post pregnancy complications. I got to one-on-one care for my grandson til he was almost a year old. Abundance. God gave me, just like His Word says, He gave me so much more than I could ask for, or imagine.

I thought this T & P was for you, but it is for me. I was questioning the lack of God’s abundance in my life, and He reminded me of just what He has done for me, and for that I am grateful.

Abundance is not always about money. Sometimes money is the least denominator. You want to know something else about abundance as it relates to finances? My husband is a part time contractor. As I mentioned earlier, I haven’t had a position with benefits since March 31, 2016:  All the bills are paid, on time. We still tithe our 10%. We have been able to bless our elderly mothers with repairs to their homes. Praise God, we have been able to throw in a trip to Virginia. This website, another form of God’s abundance. I tell you … God is truly good! He is truly faithful. Hallelujah to the Lamb of God!

I don’t know who’s reading this cause I read more spam comments than true comments, but if you are reading, this is for you … You keep praying. Find a promise and stand on it. Wait on God’s timing. Listen for His voice and do what He tells you to do. He is faithful. He will not fail you. I can personally attest to that. We serve a loving, faithful, heavenly Father, who loves us, sees us, knows us, listens to us, answers us and so cares for us. Be open 2 all that God (in Christ) has 4 you!


Father, there is a reason why David said that we should lay on our beds at night and recall the goodness of the Lord in our lives and therefore, we have hope. There is a reason as to why he said taste the Lord and see how good He is. There is a reason why we have joy in your presence and why we should wait on the Lord. In you, Lord, lays our very hope for how can we have faith without hope? I thank you for every answered prayer. I thank you for giving me abundance, more than I could hope or imagine. I thank you that no matter what my issue, I can come to you and lay it all upon the foot of the cross and recall that just as you answered my prayers in the past, surely you will answer these that I lay at the feet of Jesus today and that you my Jesus came so that I might have life and have it abundantly! In Jesus name I so pray. Amen!

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