Its Been Awhile

It has been awhile since I have been on the website. I could say I have been busy, but in all honesty, I have been doing more of nothing than busy doing more of something of value. Often I take time to reflect (and am rarely not amazed) at the things God has put before me; how often He has answered my prayers; how He has supported me and lifted me; how He has truly never forsaken me even in the roughest of times. In these reflective moments, I really feel badly about this precious gift He has given me ( because I do not ‘shepherd’ it as I should. It is indeed one of His many, many good and perfect gifts to me.

We all have before us sheep to shepherd. We may not be fully aware of it, but if you have discernment and your relationship with God, and His word, is really good then you become conscious of the people God has put before you, along your path … your sheep. Just like a pastor, or mom, or dad, these folk are put upon your path to help them, to guide them, to instruct them in the way of the Word. Now keep in mind this is not some frivolous task because Scripture clearly says in James 3.1 that those of us who are given these sheep to shepherd are held to a higher standard, a greater accountability. I believe this is so because we are spreading the gospel of Christ, the good news of the Bible and we must be sure of what it is we are spreading. That accountability is a little scary, but it keeps me focused knowing that when I reach those pearly gates, I will have to answer for everything that I have fed those who have been placed upon my path. Let this be a reminder for you:  Be conscious of those whom you run across each day and be mindful of this: Nothing is by chance: Nothing is a coincidence. Your reading this T&P – not by chance.

Also, I have been listening to my favorite pastors preach and I tell you some of their sermon series are truly deep in the Word. Omar Thibeaux, the young attorney pastor out of Lafayette, LA – wow, his messages are like going to Bible college. There is so much to take in, so much to learn and I am reminded of my life’s theme:  Be open to all that God (in Christ) has for you! The Bible has so much everyday stuff for us to learn from to assist us in making our lives better with less stress, less fear and more confidence in who, and whose, we are and trust in our triune Jehovah. Which brings to my mind a song by Anthony Brown Trust in You:  “You did not create me to worry; You did not create me to fear; but you created me to worship daily, so I am leaving it all right here. My hands are raised because I surrender… Lord, I trust you.” I could listen to the lyrics each day. People, read your Bible. There is truth in the words “Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God”.

All in all, I must say All is Well. Houston and the lower Texas and virtually the entire Gulf of Mexico coastline braced horrific storms, and yes, we are surviving. Hurricanes Irma, Jose and Nate followed Harvey. I hear Ophelia is on her way, but she may go in another direction and yes, the storms keep coming, but we just need to keep trusting. For some it is a painful reminder that we are not in charge.  Puerto Rico and the other areas hit, they too are gonna be alright. It takes time and trust, but all will be well.

If there is a theme to this T&P, I guess it is about purpose. It is about being available to do what God has purposed you to do. Not to worry, Not to fear, but to trust and to do. Not to procrastinate on what is on our heart to do, not to talk ourselves or listen to that voice inside of us that says to do something else that goes against what is indeed purposed in our heart. We all have a task: We all have a purpose. Try to be busy doing something for God; something our triune Jehovah can bless:  Walk Purposed.


Oh Lord, my God, My Father. You have indeed not created me to worry, nor have you created me to fear. Your Word is so true. You promised never to leave me lonely … that you are always with me. Sometimes I stray from your voice that tells me to do those things that glorify you and I am sorry for that. Help me to walk purposed. I trust you Lord. Let it not be just words, but let my faith have feet. My hands are raised because I surrender to you my every fear, every worry every thing that goes against your every promise for me. Direct my path; order my steps according to your Word. Your will, my Father is best for me. You alone are Jehovah Jireh, the King of Kings. Hallelujah to the Lamb of God. Thank you for being my all in all. In Jesus name, I so pray. Amen.

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