At the Dentist

Ugh, going to the dentist is an absolute terror for me. I hate needles and blood and what’s interesting is that at one point in my life ’twas my dream to work as an anesthetist. Whenever I visit the dentist, I pray while lying on the dentist chair; I speak scriptures; I listen to sermons – anything Godly that takes my mind off those needles, the pressure and those scary dental tools!

This last dental visit, although pretty much the same as previous visits, God spoke to me. He said, “This is what surrendering to me is like.” I pondered surrendering my entire being to God (in Christ) who created me, who sustains me, who provides for me.

How does being in a dentist chair compare to surrendering to Him? When the dentist says turn left, I turn left; turn right, I turn right; move your head just a little, and so I move it, just a little, or when the dentist gently takes my head and turns it in the direction she needs – I go with the movement of her hand – I humbly succumb to the gentleness of her touch, the sound of her voice. “Are you ok?” I shake my head “yes” even though I am sure my eyes show terror. Continue reading →

A Turn

Ahh, there are times when life takes a turn and one is left, for a minute, or two, a little lost; we lose focus. BUT, if your faith rests in He who created you, in His son, whom you have declared as your savior, in the glorious triune Jehovah –  then one knows that one is truly not lost.  lostWhen one calls upon our Abba, our Father, He not only hears, He will answer, for what Father will do any less than attend to the needs of his child.

He knows what is best for each of His children and He will guide our every footstep, our every thought, and if we only but listen to his answer to our cry, we will be better than ok – we will be safe under his wings. We will rejoice in the work of his hands.



Father, there is not a day or night that goes by that I do not call on your name. I just thank you for giving me your word that you are my Father and that you love me and are always here for me. I take such great comfort in you and knowing that I am truly never lost. I am sheltered under your wings, covered in your shadow. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

Initially submitted via email distribution on August 17, 2012.